Prayer Line

The latest SAMS GB prayer line:

This weekend two churches celebrate anniversaries. On Sunday (12th) the Església de Crist in Sabadell, Spain, pastored by Sue Woodcock, holds a special service for its 105th birthday, while from Saturday (11th) the very much younger congregation of Living Waters in Olinda, Brazil, begins a celebration lasting over a week, including children’s outings, competitions, and services on the rubbish dump and in church. Siméa & Ian Meldrum pastor this church. Pray for God’s blessing on everyone through these celebrations.

Also this weekend the Diocese of Northern Argentina holds its ninth EJE (Youth Encounter), starting on Friday. Pray for the leadership team and for the young people invited, that many will have an authentic encounter with the Lord.

Finally, please continue to remember the critical need for rain to end the drought in the Paraguayan Chaco.

Prayer line

The SAMS GB Prayerline:

Please have in your prayers Assistant Bishop Abelino Apeleo and his wife Paty. After a lifetime in southern Chile, they move, officially from tomorrow (1st), to the capital, Santiago, to allow Abelino to support Diocesan Bishop Tito Zavala and to pastor a new church in formation. Pray for them as they leave behind elderly parents, Mapuche churches and William Wilson School where Paty taught for 26 years.

Meantime, in southern Chile an evangelistic campaign takes place from Friday to Sunday in a neighbourhood of Temuco, with the three Anglican congregations of the city involved.

Thank you for prayers last week for Associate Mission Partner Janet Mena in Chile. Praise God that after successful surgery, Janet is on the road to recovery. Another AMP, Kathryn Broughton, needs our prayers. She has had successful surgery in London for total knee replacement on both knees, but has not been well since. Please pray for Kathryn and husband Stuart, who is also in the UK from their ministry among Portuguese-speakers in Sydney, Australia.

This week is half-term at St Andrew’s School and the Annexe School in Asunción, Paraguay. Pray for refreshment for staff and pupils, many of whom will face important exams during October.

Prayer line

Murray & Penny Metcalfe travel from Paraguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday to present the documents of their adopted Paraguayan-born children, Alber, Jack & Luli, to the British Embassy with regard to their settlement in the UK when the family come home in December. Pray for God’s overruling in this complicated process and for peace of heart and strength for Murray & Penny.

Another prayer request of a similar type is for Jill Ball. Jill was due to go back to Ecuador on 1st October but her visa application has been turned down and she has to wait for papers to be sent from Ecuador. Please uphold Jill at this difficult time and pray for a swift resolution.

In Paraguay we’ve asked prayer a number of times for the nursery project run by FEISA, the Teacher Training College, with the indigenous community of Yatnata. This Friday and Saturday (26-27) an evaluation meeting about the project is held. Please commit those involved to the Lord.

Finally, please remember long-serving Associate Mission Partner Janet Mena in southern Chile. Janet has had an operation to remove two tumours and is recuperating with family. Uphold Janet and her husband Alberto in prayer.

Prayer line

Among the many parts of the world enduring extreme weather conditions is southern Chile, where floods have caused considerable suffering and loss. Please pray for the people of that area, and include in your prayers Bishop Abelino & Paty Apeleo, the Anglican churches and the two schools – William Wilson School in Chol-Chol and the School for the Deaf in Temuco. (Photos may be viewed on the diocesan website

In Olinda, northeast Brazil, Ian & Siméa Meldrum have put their house on the market and want to move to a smaller place which will meet their needs and be safe. Pray for them in this, alongside their very busy ministries among the poor.

Praise God for answered prayer for Alejandro Mesco’s visa which arrived in time for him to travel to the UK, where he’s now visiting churches and telling of his pioneer ministry in Peru’s Colca Canyon. Please continue to uphold him.

Finally, three prayer points from Paraguay:

On Thursday (11th) the third Alpha Course begins in the centre of Asunción, involving the folk of St Andrew’s Church and the San Andrés morning and evening congregations. Pray for all involved, including pastors Agustín Maidana and Patrick Butler.

This weekend FEISA’s final indigenous nursery project visit to Yatnata, in the Paraguayan Chaco, takes place. Pray for Samantha Parsons and all participants.

Next week (15th -) is Youth Week at St Andrew’s School with a number of special activities. Pray for everyone involved.

Prayer request from Paraguay

Beryl BakerAt the moment there is an epidemic of vomiting and diarrhoea in the Chaco area where SAMS nurse, Beryl Baker is based. Beryl has placed an urgent request for medicines to distribute. These are expensive and funds are low. They are still waiting for the government to declare it an emergency zone.

The cause of the epidemic is probably the use of dirty water from ponds as the wells become empty. We need to get water into the communities with our water tanker to avoid people from dying of dehydration….. again an expensive task, especially with the low exchange rate.

PLEASE PRAY that the Lord will provide all the resources, financial and practical, to help Beryl to treat those who are suffering, so that deaths can be prevented.

PLEASE PRAY for the provision of funds to provide fuel to get desperately needed water into the communities.

Prayer line

The latest prayer line from SAMS GB:

SAMS Latin Partner Alejandro Mesco is due to arrive on Friday from Peru to spend much of September in the UK visiting his link churches. Pray for his visa, yet to arrive, for his time here, and for Doris and the family back home in Arequipa.

In João Pessoa in northeast Brazil Archdeacon Souza is suffering from an infection in the ureter which may necessitate the removal of a kidney. His colleague Marcus Throup asks us to pray for his recovery, and also for Marcus himself with extra preaching responsibilities each Sunday.

Meantime in Asunción, Paraguay, Linn Tedman is recovering from a broken toe. Uphold Linn in prayer in this and in her teacher-librarian work at St Andrew’s School.

Linn highlights again the need for more teachers at the school, particularly for the Secondary section. Please pray for this, and keep Head Gwen Carlisle, Deputy Mags Southern and all the staff in your prayers.

SAMS Prayer line

The latest prayer line from SAMS GB:

Praise God for the appointment of Bishop Henry Scriven as the new Mission Director for South America. Pray for Henry and Catherine as they prepare to rejoin SAMS in January.

This week the second Mission Paraguay team completes its voluntary work there. Let’s give thanks for their three weeks of practical and spiritual service and for the leadership of coordinator David Orritt, who will be returning to the UK on the 26th.

Also coming from South America will be Ed & Marie Brice from Paraguay and Daniel & Ellelein Kirk and their two sons from Chile. Both arrive this weekend and will be here for 4-5 months. Pray for their refreshment, church visits, and for the fruit of their Bible teaching ministries in South America.

While they come, Bishop Greg & Sylvia Venables fly back to Argentina after an extended time in the UK. Give thanks for their visit and pray for their return to a huge and varied workload.

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