I look forward to growing and developing our partnership in mission and ministry. I am excited that together we can serve the Lord and serve our brothers and sisters in South America, Spain and Portugal.

Some of my dreams for SAMS include the following…

1. We build on the work of the past. The story of SAMS in particular is the story of Christian mission in general. It is inspiring. It is full of faith and fear, courage and collapse, great leadership and human failing, vision and loss of vision. The rugged, selfless discipleship of Captain Allen Gardiner will always be a model for our work.

2. The foundation of all we do is the Gospel. The life of Christ, the Cross of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ, Christ’s gift of His Holy Spirit and the coming again of Jesus Christ are at the heart our faith.

3. Our discipleship will be cross-shaped. Self surrender and radical discipleship are to be marks of our calling.

4. Partnership is vital. Paternalism is dead. God’s will is that the whole Church takes the whole Gospel to the whole world. We will do that with our Spanish and Portuguese speaking brothers and sisters and we will do it with grace and truth, love and respect.

5. Leadership development, mission initiatives, strengthening churches, sharing resources, making disciples and serving together are some of the key priorities.

God bless you richly and thank you for your prayers.

Yours in Christ,


Bishop Ken Clarke

SAMS Mission Director